Mankind will lose a lot if it doesn’t change its views on the origin of life on Earth. The world is not arranged in the way we were taught to imagine: it has been developed neither by God nor by evolution but by the practical and rational Intelligence of  highly developed material structures. It is axiomatic and there is every reason for it.



    The protein life origin on Earth turns out to be one of the fundamental world views concepts in human beings society. There are several theories existing to explain the Universe occurrence. At the same time, such an important phenomenon as the life origin on Earth is being explained on the basis of two polar points of view. According to one of them, Universe, Earth and protein life have been created by the Creator within a short period of time. In accordance with the second one, life on our planet has originated from the inanimate matter as the result of accidental evolutionary transformations. The existing contradictory world views on the life origin on Earth’s settlement is of vital importance as it is impossible to develop the mankind future development programs without actual views on the the environment development.

It is worth mentioning that existing concepts are not pure scientific in the literary meaning of this word, as they are based neither on observations nor exterimental researches which are possible to be reconstructed with the certain degree of credibility. The events under review took place in past and cannot be checked in present. One can judge about them by certain paleontological and archaeological facts to evidence previous eras. Each of these world views is just a supposition, one of which has been turned into religion while the second one has been granted the scientific status. The facts which can be treated in different ways and viewed from other theoretic point of view are used to justify one’s views. The accumulated data states that the events sequence can neither be explained by the spontaneous evolutionary processes nor by God’s activity; they need quite another interpretation based on the scientific approach.  

    From the point of view of the evolutionary theory, it is impossible to explain the way the nucleic acids and a single genetic code were formed from inorganic elements many millions of years ago on Earth.  Witnin the process of experimental studies, it turned out to be possible to get some simple organic compounds under conditions supposedly existed on Earth many millions of years ago, but this does not mean that they did take place in the past.  Moreover, the opportunity is perceived by the scientific community as a reality. The arguments given can only confirm certain changes, but they do not prove that they took place. Many modern evolutionary theory conclusions are not obvious and require sophisticated justifications.  

However, this is the only fundamental theory in biology nowadays that explains the development and diversity of life on Earth.  Despite the great number of shortcomings, it turned into an indisputable faith. Until now, the grounds for abandoning it were not enough, since no other alternative scientific theory existed.  At the same time, a huge amount of facts has been accumulated nowadays that either contradict the evolutionary theory, or which cannot be explained by this theory.

  It is difficult to imagine the lack of expediency and programming nature in an increasingly complex development that occurs according to a pre-established program similar in different representatives of the animal world and implemented regardless of the each individual’s desires.  Therefore, a contemporary educated person is often in uncertainty. On the one hand, he/she cannot accept the evolutionary theory of the species origin by Charles Darwin as a basic concept, realizing that the complexity of protein organisms on Earth cannot occur spontaneously, and on the other hand, a person cannot accept religious and mythical views because of their primitiveness and implausibility.  Realizing the limited possibilities of a blind evolutionary process, some researchers have put forward a number of other alternative hypotheses. For example, it was assumed that life was brought from outer space by meteorites or particles of light (panspermia), or intelligent creatures from other planets as an experiment. None of these hypotheses has ever been proved and arises a number of objections.

  Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace developed an evolutionary theory at a time when highly intelligent technological production was not developed and modern scientific achievements of human civilization were not available.  Therefore, they explained the accumulated facts on the basis of based on animals intraspecific improvement’s observations during selection.

  The data related the complexity of life processes genetic programming and many biology and paleontology facts cast doubt on the possibility of spontaneous emergence of protein organisms during evolutionary transformations. They indicate that the protein life development occurred in the direction of the planned improvement through the complex technology implementation which requires specific scientific knowledge. If the protein world could not occur spontaneously as a result of evolutionary processes, the obvious question arises: who has created it and what for?  This requires a scientific explanation, leaving religious beliefs beyond.  

  It is obvious that the self-organizing processes do exist, but, in accordance with the evolutionary theory, the natural selection leads to the occurrence of capable of thinking organizms from the protozoon organizms. Homo Sapience can serve the example. After that, the further environmental development is subordinated to their natural activity. If at present no one doubts that a protein based intelligent life could have occurred  within 3 billion years, so the thinking based on the most widespread material form, that is plasma, could have been formed within over 13.5 billion years of the Universe existence.  

 A lot of scientists have no doubts regarding the existence of the intelligent lofe in the Universe. Nowadays, projects and activities are being carried out to search for extraterrestrial intelligent civilizations (SETI, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).  However, this intelligence may exist not on distant planets, but on the very Earth, and the protein life complexity may be the result of its activity. The intelligent life representatives’ physical nature, the existence optimum of which does not coincide with a narrow range of the protein organisms functioning physical indicators, does not make it possible to contact with them directly.  One can observe the traces of rational activity only, which are detected by human beings analyzers or developed devices with certain measurement parameters. Their analysis allows us to substantiate new views on the of protein life on Earth’s development, leaving religious and evolutionary ideas beyond.

  The current situation emphasizes the need to analyze the known facts from different perspectives and formulate a new concept of the  life origin on Earth, which could provide answers to controversial questions. It summarizes numerous well-known facts which are being interpreted as the result of the highly developed civilization technological developments possessing the other intelligence material form. The stated views have more grounds for existence than evolutionary theory and biblical ideas about the divine creation of the world.

 The fact that it is the creationalism which is the only alternative to Darvinizm and that all ideas to justify the creation and not a spontaneous occurrence are classified as religious ones in the view of society constitutes the ideological problem.   In this issue, religion has done significant harm to the development of a real worldview. Therefore, the modern science task is not to neglect the idea of creating the world surrounding us just because it is close to religious dogmas.

  The stated views are the basis for the fundamentally new trends in the scientific, technological, political and religious activities of a human being. If the protein world, including human beings, has been created for a specific purpose, then humanity should follow this goal and should not violate its implementation.

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